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Seven Deadliest Drug Combinations

Seven Deadliest Drug Combinations


Each year, there are thousands of deaths that could have been easily prevented, due to the drug combination that the person has taken. Simply because people still tend not to heed the warnings given, despite all the reports on the news about celebrity deaths due to overdoses.

On every prescription pill bottle there are warnings regarding the medication that you are taking. So it is important that you check the details carefully to avoid what could prove to be a …


Is marijuana as safe as — or safer than — alcohol?

In the last few years, as medical marijuana has been passed in the states of Colorado and Washington, the debate has roared on, is marijuana safer than alcohol?   Clearly some states believe there isn’t a legitimate health risk and have chosen to legalize, while others still hold fast to the belief that marijuana should remain illegal.  There are a few important facts to look at when deciding which side of the line you stand on.

Things to Consider

While there …

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Top 5 Ancient Miracle Foods that Boost your “Winter”

Immune System; be sure to be healthy and happy

Health is the most essential thing that a person needs to live his life from healthy living to exercise and even even health insurance as noted at WebMedTalk. Without being healthy, none of the tasks can be completed properly. Health is defined as a complete state of physical and well being and can’t be replicated by prescription drugs like those found at 4rx, CVS, RiteAid or any other pharmacy. …

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Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Currently diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease is a far from straightforward process as there is no conclusive diagnostic test to confirm it. Instead the diagnosis is based at looking at symptoms and trying to identify any other possible cause for those symptoms. Loss of memory is the symptom that is most commonly associates with Alzheimer’s, but occasional memory lapses happen to everyone and it is only when memory problems become significant, with perhaps the inability to remember names of well known people …

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Diabetes is a chronic illness which arises because of the body’s inability to use a common sugar called glucose. In a non-diabetic person, glucose is ingested during the consumption of sugary foods and is then used up by the body cells because of a hormone called insulin. Insulin stimulates cells so that they take in glucose from the blood and make energy from it. However in a diabetic person the hormone insulin either isn’t produced or it is ineffective at …

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New Minimally Invasive Test for Down’s Syndrome

Down’s Syndrome (also referred to as Trisomy 21) occurs when there is a change in one of the genes in the egg before prior to fertilization. The change, which results in the embryo developing with 3 copies of chromosome 21 instead of the normal 2, is a random event which occurs with greater frequency as the age of the mother increases. For example, a woman of 40 is 10 times more likely to have a Down’s Syndrome pregnancy than a …